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An effort to make world sustainable

Recycled Plastic Panel

  • Can be re-used over 30 times compared to 2-8 reuse cycles of shuttering plywood
  • Water resistant and suitable for furniture manufacturing along with mica laminate application.
  • Applications in Industrial flooring, partition wall & ceiling, producing goods for several industries, and more.


  • 10-15% Cheaper than WPC/PVC boards.
  • Higher Density of 1.06g/cc compared to 0.60g/cc of Multi-wood.
  • Water Resistant
  • Reusable

About us

We came with a vision of “Shelter for All” by minimizing the construction material cost and replacing them with low cost sustainable products. Came up with an idea of introducing the recycled plastic panels which can be used as re-usable shuttering panels for construction of your home or for interior furniture.

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